Data structure Lab

It is well equipped and provides a wide approach in C programming and enables the application of knowledge in Artificial Intelligence. The lab can be used for programming, Compiler design and system programming.

Advanced Programming lab

The lab is designed to encourage students toward the direction of learning new and modernized technologies. Network programming and database practical sessions are conducted in this lab.

Hardware lab

The main objective of the lab is to provide the students the knowledge of computer hardware, processors, memories, motherboards, different add-on cards, and other peripherals like printers, plotters and scanners. This lab also provides a theoretical and practical introduction to micro-controllers and micro-processors, assembly language programming techniques, etc. Students should be able to solve basic arithmetic operations using 8085 assembly language. Students should be able to generate different types of wave signals by interfacing ICs with 8085.

Software Project Lab

Software Lab is used for the study and illustration of concepts of operating Systems, Visual Programming, Java, J2SDK etc. The student uses this lab for project works. It offers world class facilities and equipments for B. Tech students.