A group of talented engineers and developers, who love to involve both themselves and others in every technical and non-technical event led to the growth of our proud “COMPUTER SCIENCE ENGINEERING ASSOCIATION -TRACE “. It was borne of a long-felt need of the Computer Science Students Community, for an organization that would help them realize their projects and ideas and hence improve their technical skills. It provides every student with a strong conceptual foundation in the core areas of Computer Science. TRACE also aims at facilitating the participation of VKCET students in inter-college events and to conduct such events in our college that invoke the technical and creative skills of every single individual and with the constant support of all the students.

Active Clubs

Extracurricular clubs and activities provide opportunities for students in all class years to hone skills through their tangible application to problems, and to explore post-graduation possibilities in academia and industry. Students from all class years are welcome and active club members. This creates a meaningful mentoring dynamic between students with different levels of experience.

Software Development Club

This club is open to all students who have a passion for or interest in coding.

Machine Learning Club

Educate members on what exactly is ML and its possibilities. Developing the interests of members in ML. Making members familiar with frameworks, best practices.

BlockChain Club

The overall objective is to facilitate learning, exploration, and discussion on blockchain technology and to help dispel misinformation among students as well as the community; to explore avenues of facilitation such as business, mining and finance.


  • Stress and importance are given to quality education on a par with good results in the University Examinations..
  • Fully equipped laboratories.
  • Well-stocked Department Library.
  • Highly experienced teaching faculty specialized in the various domains of CSE.
  • Well-furnished classrooms with the most modern teaching facilities.
  • Individual care is given to students in academic as well as non-academic activities.
  • Placement training and career guidance are offered to all the students.
  • Facilities provided for the final year students to do their projects at the campus itself.