Founder Chairman's Message

Sri. M Natarajan

'Ohm! Bhadrakali namastubhyam Bhadre Vidravitasure !'

I bow with great reverence before Goddess Bhadra who perpetually brings well-being to all. It is the grace of the omnipresent and benign Universal Mother Bhadra who is enshrined in the pristine Shrine of Valia Koonambaikulam that has enabled us to initiate a great educational institution in her glorious name - the Valia Koonambaikulathamma College of Engineering and Technology (VKCET). The ancient and magnificent Temple has been reputed for its charitable and humanitarian activities like educational aid to poor and needy students, poor and old age homes, medical aid to the poor, provision of marriage expenses for the indigent girls, free food etc. The temple trust organizes intellectual and educational enterprises like running a UP school, conducting periodical open quiz programmes, spiritual speeches,releasing spiritual publications and devotional music albums etc.

With great devotion and dedication we are launching an engineering and technical higher education centre like VKCET.We intend to make admissions accessible to students from low income groups and merit will be the sole criteria for admission. We promise to maintain and sustain great level of excellence to the institution by carefully selecting the teachers and other technical staff, keeping an eye for quality and impartiality.

We will undertake all possible steps to provide ample accommodation and transportation facilities to students and staff.Student's security will be ensured to the utmost with close monitoring of their activities by utilizing modern devices.I hope our mission and vision for the creation and sustaining of a meritorious and benevolent educational environment will be fulfilled with the blessings of Valia Koonambaikulathamma.


VKCET Important Messages

NRI/PIO Admissions started:

Registration is open to eligible candidates under NRI/PIO quota even though the student is disqualified in Kerala Entrance Exam for the academic year 2017-18. For more details contact +91-9947824041,+91-8281449223. or click here....

Admission 2017 started:

Registration is open to eligible candidates for the academic year 2017-18.